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January 5, 2010

new year, new services

chiefmoney is now using curdbee for online invoicing and billing. so far it has been a big relief and has made the whole estimate-to-billing-to-invoice process much easier.

also, if you have a design, brochure, print, etc and want it converted to a website, chiefmoney designs can help you with that too. (see Champion Schools in the portfolio for a good example)

looking forward to great things in 2010, personally and professionally. after a rough 2009, i guess a lot of people are hoping for good things and they should. now is a great time to kick start the year right. you can start off the year right too with a shiny new website for that new business or blog :) im just saying…

September 4, 2009

chiefmoney and

just comissioned to redo, the foundation site for Temeka Johnson, wnba star. very excited about working with them. it’s always good to work with people doing great things. it’s definitely good to be working with people who are focused on getting a project done. stay tuned for some serious creativity.